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Roblox players claimed that when the game first started it catered to a more mature audience as they sought developers and like-minded people who move the game creation system forward. However, as the years went on (and the death of the co-founder Erik Cassel), the loyal community has noticed the game has opened itself up to the younger generation which brings with it a different maturity level than the original Roblox players are used to in an effort to reach deep into their parent’s wallets.

At The End Of The Day: Roblox Is A Business

Roblox is a business
Business Men Sitting at a table on Roblox

The company needs to do what it needs to do to keep the money coming in, and unfortunately, if the bulk of their money is coming from a younger audience, then they need to shift their interests to bring in more of what’s working. This doesn’t mean they’re looking to particularly alienate everyone else outside of their target audience, but they also don’t want to ignore what’s making them money. Those who are no longer part of the target audience have brought their frustrations to various websites including the internet’s front page: Reddit. Every other post on the /Roblox subreddit seems to talk about the state of the community and how they’re frustrated with what it’s become due to their shift in the business model.

Roblox Should Still Care About Their Roots

Roblox generations
The time between 2005-2017 on Roblox – A lot has changed!

While the Roblox Corporation is still a business they need to make money, it can’t ignore who or what got them started in the first place. There are over 90 million monthly active users since Roblox stopped allowing guest users. They needed to only let registered users on Roblox to show how truly massive their player base really is. Unfortunately, it’s the old guard of Roblox who almost made the company go bankrupt a couple of times almost a decade ago due to several issues. It didn’t help that a bunch of the player base jumped over to Minecraft when it came out, so it’s not completely unreasonable that the company had to do what it had to do to survive. They need to find a healthy balance between what the old guard would consider “money-grabbing” and the demographic that actually brings in a profit annually.

What Is Wrong With Their Target Demographic?

Roblox Audience
Roblox Audience

People want to act like they weren’t obnoxious little kids during the original Runescape or Xbox live days playing Halo. A lot of the adults and older players look down on how much toxicity the younger generation has brought into Roblox, but don’t remember that it’s just who they are. Younger players generally have a different emotional maturity than older players do. It really doesn’t help that half the Roblox exposure for the platform itself are from viewing Twitch streams or YouTube videos from older players who they end up emulating. These streamers and content creators often rely on trolling or being generally obnoxious thinking it’s funny, and so when younger players see this, they copy this behavior because they think that’s what will earn them acceptance. Unfortunately, just like in other video games, these younger players are growing into adults with really no boundaries due to the nature of the internet itself and continues to influence a younger generation. This leads to having gaming sessions with full-grown adults who have never aged emotionally.

What Do Their Parents Think Of Roblox?

Unhappy parents because of Roblox
Unhappy Parents – Thanks to Roblox

There’s no secret that the majority of the Roblox community are currently children and young teenagers whose allowances allow them to purchase Robux. With more children having access to online communities in general, what do their parents think of the Roblox community? After going through a number of parenting forums and seeing how they feel about their children in the Roblox community and it’s not good. They feel that their children are pressured by others in the community to purchase Robux in order to upgrade their avatar and enter different game types. They’re also worried about the mixture of social interactions on Roblox itself. They know their children are playing in an online world talking to other players in a relatively unmoderated chat. While there are chat filters that block out inappropriate words, they aren’t comfortable with the fact that their children are playing an online game with adults and possible predators. They think because Roblox is mostly marketed towards children, their target audience as mentioned before, and that would lead to online child predators lurking on the game specifically for that. While some parents are okay with sitting their children in front of their devices with unmoderated play in order to give the parents themselves for a little reprieve, other parents aren’t as accepting. They’re doing what they can to censor platforms like Roblox from their children.

What Does This Mean For The Roblox Community Going Forward?

Roblox Community
Roblox Corporation know what they are doing!

The Roblox Corporation knows what they’re doing and they know what their target audience is. You’ll see Robux cards in places from Walmart to Gamestop among other online and physical retailers. However, unfortunately, if the Roblox Corporation listened to the smaller minority voice of their community, they wouldn’t make as much money as they would if they continue down the path they’re on now. So for now, the state of the community means they’re mixed from the old guard of players to newer players who now have more access and exposure due to their parent’s money and access to online content and streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube.

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