If you have any issues whilst using our service we would advise that you check our frequently asked questions first. Nine times out of ten your issue can be resolved here without contacting our team.

If your question is not listed please use our contact form to resolve your issue. We value every customer and would hate to see you unhappy, so please allow us to rectify any issues you may come across. Thank you for your patience.

You can also follow us on Twitter by clicking the image below, if we have any issues with our service we will post it on Twitter so always make sure to check our Twitter page to keep up to date with any issues or downtime.

Does this really work or is it fake?

Yes, we get asked this question a lot and its mostly due to the many sites that have been created to scam users or phish accounts. We do not require your password, just your username. If you are skeptical about using our service, why not complete a small App download which takes seconds and watch the FREE ROBUX get added to your account after completing the download.

How long until I receive my Robux?

If you have recently completed an offer but have not been rewarded, please allow up to 24 hours before contacting us. Some offers, especially large ones may take longer to complete and verify.

If you have not received your Robux within 24 hours please contact our support and supply us with your username, we will then look into your account for any issues that may have caused this.

  1. You may of possibly downloaded that same application before, you can only complete the same offer ONCE. It could also be down to another member of your family or friends within your household sharing the same IP.
  2. If you entered fake information the offer will be void and as a result, you will not receive your Robux.
  3. The offer requirements were not met, meaning you didn’t complete all the necessary steps to complete the offer.
  4. AdBlocker was possibly enabled while completing an offer. Follow this guide here to learn how to disable it: https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000163989-how-do-i-pause-or-disable-adblock-

Unfortunately, we do not decide whether you completed the offer its purely down to our offer providers.

Are high paying offers worth my time?

The longer offers may take more time however come with a much higher reward, meaning it is most definitely worth the effort.

How does your referral system work?

For every person that uses our site, you will receive 5% of their earnings as a reward. More referrals you have the more you will make and the less work you will have to do to earn Robux.

Is there a limit to how many offers I can complete?

The short answer is No, if you can see offers on the list, you may complete them to receive a reward.

How many withdrawals can I request at a time?

You may request up to TWO withdrawals at a time, once we have completed one you will be able to do another. We suggest that you try to withdraw the maximum Robux you can each time you request.

Can I used a VPN?

Unfortunately you cannot, out system will detect any VPN and will ban your access to our offers. Please use your real internet IP without hiding behind any network.

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